Silvestre Labs® began in 1984 when some young pharmacists met to develop new formulations, and in 1989 was consolidated as the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1995, he moved to the business incubator's Polo Biotechnology of Rio de Janeiro BIO-RIO, the UFRJ campus, which in 2001 was built a new modern building of 5,000 m2, in which the company operates today.
The vocation for innovation can be measured from the first product launched by Silvestre Labs®: the DERMAZINE®, an antimicrobial agent with broad spectrum and healing, composed of silver sulfadiazine 1%, whose molecular synthesis of active substance was developed and manufactured by own company.

From the knowledge gained in the development of DERMAZINE® process new products with healing, antimicrobial, antiviral and immunomodulatory properties were developed and launched, as COLZEN®, GINODERMAZINE® the DERMACERIUM® and DERMACERIUM HS.
In the oral care segment, the sector R & D Silvestre Labs® developed and launched DENTPLAQUE®, only toothpaste with disclosing distinctive plaque with patent granted in Brazil, which has been used by more than 5 million children and adolescents. Also following Cosmetic Silvestre Labs® developed and launched DUOCYCLES®, DERMIDRATA® and more recently, DEET SILVESTRE LABS.

Aiming at new areas of work and the launch of innovative products, Silvestre Labs® decided to invest in the segment of bioengineering and health products in general. Through an agreement with UNICAMP, launched its first biomaterial: EXTRA GRAFT XG-13®, a biocompatible bone graft that has been successfully used in thousands of surgical procedures. The experience also boosted its R & D team to develop other promising products within this segment, confirming the technical competence and the ability of the company to promote innovation in Brazil.