What is it?
Pharmacovigilance is the science relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other possible problems related to drugs (Definition of WHO - World Health Organization).

How important?
For a drug to enter the market, studies proving its safety and its effectiveness to the competent bodies must be submitted. However, with the commercialization and large-scale use, adverse effects should be reported and evaluated, this being the role of Pharmacovigilance can be observed.

Every medication has a list of risks and benefits. Risks and damage can be minimized when the drugs are used by health professionals and patients informed that, by themselves, understand and share responsibility for their medicines. When the adverse effect or the deviation of quality arise, it is essential that they be reported and evaluated by qualified professionals to interpret and take steps to maintain the safety and efficacy of medicines.

What are the objectives?
1. improve patient care, safety in relation to use of medicines and Public Health;
2 To evaluate the benefits, harms and risks of medicines, encouraging their safe, rational and effective way.

Pharmacovigilance Department - Silvestre Labs®
Why worry about the correct use of their medicines by health professionals, with the reduction of adverse reactions in their patients, and to ensure the quality of its products, Silvestre Labs® created its Pharmacovigilance Department.
This department consists of competent health professionals who are responsible for the maintenance and running of the Pharmacovigilance system implemented.

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