Products for the repair or tissue regeneration, especially the Extra Graft XG-13® a bone substitute of unique features.

  • Extra Graft XG-13® - Bone Grafting.

Extra Graft XG-13® is a natural boné substitute, which combines the ideal osteoconductive properties of hydroxyapatite and collagen type I. Collagen type I, with its excelente biocompatibility and 3D organization, is na importante carrier for boné morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) and serves as the gold-standard scaffold for both osteoprogenitor and endotelial cells rapid migration and accelerated bone regeneration. Bovine organic-free hydroxyapatite granules (200 – 400um)2 presente similar physicochemical properties to human boné structure and provides a highly vioactive surfasse for cell migration that is naturally remodeled in a physiologic process.

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